The monument to David Stewart at Keltneyburn 26/3/14
Looking into the gorge 26/3/14
Wild Garlic in Keltneyburn Gorge 26/3/14
Keltney burn 26/3/14
Keltney Burn 26/3/14
Schiehallion Boulder Bed in the gorge. 26/3/14
Keltney burn 26/3/14
Waterfall in Keltney burn 26/3/14
Large section of land about to fall into the gorge 26/3/14
Waterfall in Keltney burn 26/3/14
Section of land giving way 26/3/14
Keltney burn 26/3/14
Epidiorite with Garnets 26/3/14
Water worn pothole 26/3/14
Lime Kiln 26/3/14
Garth Castle 26/3/14
Crashed car that fell into the gorge. This is an old model. 1960s perhaps. 26/3/14
Another view of the crashed car 26/3/14
This is the corner where crashes occur in icey conditions. 26/3/14
The warning reflectors have been knocked down. It is surprising that there is no crash barrier as there has been a more recent fatal accident.
A second crashed vehicle on the steep slopes of the gorge. 26/3/14
Where the road collasped into the gorge and had to be repaired.
The repaired section of the road.
Schiehallion from the top of Keltney burn gorge. 26/3/14

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