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Abandoned Copper Mine - Loch Tay

The south shore of Loch Tay is home to an abandoned copper mine. It was opened by a former Marquis of Breadalbane using German miners as the work force. The copper ore was taken to the shore of Loch Tay and smelted before the copper was transported to Dundee. The minerals to be found there include Malachite (green hydrated copper carbonate), Azurite (blue hydrated copper carbonate) and chalcopyrite (silvery-gold copper iron sulphide).

Warning - The abandoned mine represents a potential hazard as the roof has collapsed in one place and pupils should not enter it. The minerals can, however, be safely examined in the spoil heap below the mine. This is a locality only suitable for small groups of older and sensible pupils with the necessary risk assessment taken seriously. Despite the warning it is well worth a visit and is a valuable site for Outdoor Learning.

The entrance to the mine
Spoil Heaps
The view of Loch Tay from the Mine.

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