Wellingtonia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) also called the Giant Redwood Tree.

Wellingtonia in Rannoch.

The mighty Wellingtonia is a tree from California. A number of these trees were planted in the Rannoch area for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

There are five in the woodlands near Camghouran and some in the grounds of Crosscriags House. Others are to be found in the grounds of Dall Estate near the old tennis courts.

The tree can reach 90 metres in height and have a trunk 7 metres in diameter. Seeds were first brought to England in 853 by William Lobb. It was named Wellingtonia in honour of the Duke of Wellington, although the Americans had wanted to call it Washingtonia in honour of their first president.


The soft bark of the Wellingtonia is a defense against fire. It flakes off and takes away the heat.

In Britain Tree Creepers have been seen making holes in the soft bark for a cosy roosting spot.


Wellingtonia with Loch Rannoch in the background. Because the Wellingtonia is so tall the roots cannot push water to the top and so the tree has 'air root's that can absorb water from fog.

The seedlings need fire to remove competing vegetation before they can germinate and fire is also needed for the cones to open and release the seed. The seeds can only germinate in full sunlight and so they are not likely to germinate in Rannoch.


Wellintonia growing vigorously.
Young Cones
Mature Cones


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