Aberystwyth Geology Reunion (1969-2009)

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See letter below from Moira Jenkins for details of the 2004 reunions

Dear All,

The dates for the reunions are settled.  The Australian reunion will be
at Lynn Widenbar's near Perth at his olive grove.  I don't think I
actually have the address so I must find out before I go.  The date for
this is the weekend of the 2nd, 3rd October 2004 and going on for as

long as Lynn can put up with us.  I have arranged to go on from there
and visit friends in Canberra.  I will be contacting friends in Hong
Kong and New Zealand to see if I can visit there as well.  I've never
done anything like that in my life, a real first for me.  John Hughes
will be there and Jeff Kennedy and Nick Grollman hope to be.  Other
people have said that they would like to travel over from Britain but no

one is definite about it yet.

Lynn's address is PO Box 116, York, WA 6302  His phone number is 08941 2877  You can read about

his olive grove on www.widenbar.com.au/olives.htm

The other reunion was at Alec and Chrissie's house near Cambridge on the weekend of 31st July and 1st August 2004 

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  The Home Page for the Reunions is www.rannoch.net/geolreunion.htm

Additional photographs for inclusion in the Reunion pages can be sent to my brother at richard@rannoch.net

Love from Moira


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Below 1999 reunion -

Note - the site is being kept open after the reunion for photographs from the reunion and to act as a contact point.

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The Class of 1969 at the Cambridge Reunion in 1999 (Photo from Dhoney)

Back row :(L-R)
J. Kennedy, T. Cawdron, A. Hawkes, R.D. Jones, C Topley, D. Bracegirdle, N. Grollman, W. Evans, P. Griffiths, M. Brennan,I. Kaill, A. Judd, M. Butler

Front row :(L-R) - L. Widenbar, R. Roberts, M. Paul, F. Clifford, L.Thomas, J.Ellis, J. Bromley, J. Hughes

The Reunion was on the Weekend of Saturday August 28th 1999. The overnight stop was Saturday night (28th) with Alec Hawkes at - Inishmore, Old Rectory Drive, Dry Drayton, Cambridge

Alec writes - Free accommodation is available in Dry Drayton for all who wish..some, probably the kids, will need to bring sleeping bags. Although the main get together is for the Saturday anyone wishing to stay on Friday or Sunday as well as Saturday is definitely welcome !!!

Phone numbers -

Phone number at Alec's house where the reunion is to be held is : 01954 780637

Back up numbers (where some will be staying overnight) are : 01954 780633 (Alec's brother Rob) and 01954 781110 (Alec's mother)

Anyone let us know where this small coastal town is?

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The designs are by Dave Bracegirdle.

Alec has sent a group photograph from 1969 for the Webpage. If anyone wants to send current photos I can put those up too.
Geology Participants -

Jeff Kennedy

Jeff Kennedy hopes to be able to make it from S.Africa. Jeff, we do have a copy of the "Single and Joint Honours Class 1968-1969 photo. (Moira) Jeff is definitely coming to the reunion.Unfortunately, because of the university and school terms here, Gina and the rest of the family will not be able to come over to England with me (email - 30/7/99)

I plan to bring a catering-sized Melton Mowbray pie, a couple of
family-sized salads from Marks & Sparks (or similar outlet), a dozen
bread rolls and a jar of Branston pickle.
I plan to bring a bottle of red wine and one of white, and a couple of
beers for variety.


Tom Cawdron

Tom has been in touch by email (19/2/99) and promises to send some photos of both Trinity Villa and Trilobites Town FC.

Email - 19/8/99

Many thanks for your email with directions to Alec's place in Cambridge. I think I went there once, over 30 years ago, when Alec took me back home to Lincolnshire in a white Austin Healy Sprite.

Unfortunately Christine, Steve and I will not be able to make the reunion. We leave for the United States on Tuesday for a three week holiday. A lot of the time will be spent in Arizona and South West Colorado, where there will be plenty of geology to remind us of all of you. Have a great time.

A long time ago I promised some old photos for the web page. They are being scanned today and I should be able to send them tomorrow. I hope you are all prepared for the Ireland Field Trip 1967, Trinity Villa, the Football Team, the Trans Cambrian Bath-Chair Expedition, and (worst of all) the Tiny Tots Christmas Party.

Our very best wishes to everyone.

Christine, Tom and Steve Cawdron


Alec Hawkes

Alec Hawkes

Alec's Photos (sent 21/6/99)


R.Dhoney. Jones

Dhoney and CilIa Jones

(Dhoney emailed 20/2/99)

Hi Richard - and Moira and Alec
You're all doing a great job organising this reunion and this web page is a great idea.
Cilla and I will certainly be there - try and stop us - there should be quite a bit to talk about!
In the meantime I shall trawl the albums for relevant photos or any other incriminating evidence.
I'll be keeping an eye on the web site so be sure to keep it updated!

Bye for now
Dhoney and Cilla Jones

Dhoney and Cilla are bringing - Chicken pieces, 3 family salads, red wine, white wine and a pudding or gateau
(It's funny being called 'Dhoney' again - it's been 'Bob' or 'Rob' ever since Aber. Shame really.)

Dhoney's Photos

Chris Topley

Chris Topley

Chris is not able to come (holiday clash) but has sent a long letter for everyone - update 16/8/99.

Dave Bracegirdle

Dave Bracegirdle emailed - 26/2/99

Emailed on 16/6/99 to give a change of address -

Address The Milk House, 5 Manor Farm Court, Off Kineton Road,
Gaydon, Warwickshire CV35 0HB.

Telephone 01926 641670 ( Home )
01203 694664 ( Work )

Dave will bring a range of different types of kebabs to the reunion

Nick Grollman

Nick Grollman

Nick is shown with his wife Sylvia. Both Nick and Sylvia were at the 1969
party at Dry Drayton. Nick says "Have a great time. I really wish I were there."

Nick is not able to come but has sent a letter and a photo.

Bill Evans

Paul Griffiths

Paul has been in touch

Paul is working as a part-time nursery teacher at one nursery school and an artist in residence at another whilst also working as an Artist in London. (Moira)

We can PROBABLY make it to the reunion at Alec's. Between Tuesday 24th
(before which Carole has work commitments) and that weekend, we have to fit
in visiting families and old friends in Lancashire and North Wales

Paul will bring cakes and wine to the reunion.


Mike Brennan

Teaching in South Wales

Ian Kaill

Ian and Pearle Kaill

Ian and Pearle are definitely coming

Alan Judd

Alan wrote on a postcard of Aberystwyth to Alec Hawkes - "I intend
to be there. See you then." It is rumoured that he was referring to the Reunion.

Malcolm Butler

Malcolm emailed Moira (20/2/99)

We will try to make it to the reunion - however, Lynne is off to Peru to hike the Inca Trail in August and I may try to meet up with her for the last part of the hike, in which case I may not be back in time for the Reunion. I'll let you know closer to the date.

Anyway, I'll speak to you at some point before the reunion. Sorry not to be able to give you a firm decision.

All good wishes


Malcolm is coming to the reunion (25/8/99)

Malcolm's Photos

Lynn Widenbar

Lynn Widenbar and family will be coming from Australia

Lynn writes (10/2/99) - We're off to Bali for a week's holiday tomorrow, so I'll get some
stuff together for the web site when I get back. In the meantime, you might
like to visit
www.widenbar.com.au for an idea of what I've been up to.

I shall definitely be coming to the reunion - but without family as my wife has work commitments.

I bring some decent West Australian (Margaret River) wines with me so that I won't have to put with that rotten French (Spanish, Italian ... etc) stuff. I'll see if I can rustle up a bit of kangaroo or snake biltong also - well .... maybe not, even quiche would be better.

See you all there.

Rhoswen Roberts

Rhoswen (Roberts) will be in touch about the reunion. "I hope you can come Rhoswen" (Moira)

Rhoswen is travelling down with Janet (update 16/8/99)

Moira Paul

Now Moira Jenkins

Frank Clifford

Linda Thomas

"I've heard from Linda (Thomas). She did not mention the reunion but I hope she can come."(Moira)

Linda and Ken are coming to the reunion (telephone call to Moira - 21/8/99)

They are bringing totato and onion salad, chicken pieces and rice salad.

Janet Ellis

Janet (Ellis) and Ron Banks hope to come.

Janet is coming and will travel down with Rhoswen - update (16/8/99)

John Bromley

John and Mieke Bromley hope to come. (Moira)

Dear Richard, Moira, Alex etc (13/8/99)

I'm afraid that we won't be able to make the reunion this time because it clashes with our holiday, which we have had to squeeze in around other domestic arrangements. It's a great pity because I was really looking forward to it. But I hope you all have a great time - I'll make sure we're free for the next reunion. Please note my e-mail is jby@mail.nwl.ac.uk.

All the best


John Hughes

John Hughes (Australia) has not yet given up hope of being able to come. "Please keep trying, John. I'm sorry the reunion is not in November near your conference."(Moira)

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it
for the reunion in late August as I will be in the UK (in North Wales) for
approximately two and a half weeks in late September/early October. It's so
busy at the moment that I would be unable to take the six or seven weeks off
to span the period from late August to early October( as you rightly say in
your letter, the company would be reluctant to let me have that length of
time off!).

I hope you all have a great time and will certainly phone you on the 28th.
All the Best

Non-Geologist Guests to the Reunion -

Dave Wall

Dave and Ann are coming to the reunion (25/8/99)

Jill Wallis is coming to the reunion. "I first met Jill at a reunion at Alec's." (Moira)

Jill is bringing - Cider and Somerset Brie

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